What we do

Direct Tuition provide small group tuition sessions in Maths, English and Science over three locations in Leicester (Oadby, Evington, Rushey Mead) for students in Key Stage 2 through to A-Levels.

Our class sizes are kept small to ensure efficient learning. Students are given homework each week and are expected to complete it for the following week. Homework forms an essential part of the learning process as it helps to cement the knowledge they have learnt in class. Parents can view the online homework scores to track students homework results and compare their child to other students in their class.


Tutors will have their own scheme of work in place to ensure they cover content for the whole syllabus throughout the year. Sometimes students can request a specific topic to be taught the following week provided it hasn’t already been covered.


Our students will also gain self confidence by being able to talk in front of a group of people and discipline as they know each week, they must complete their homework in order for it to be marked the following week.


As we approach the examination part of the year, we begin to teach students how to revise as many students aren’t taught this in school. We revise through important topics again and cover plenty of exam questions and talk about how to approach exam questions. By the time students come to sit their exam, they should feel confident about it.


We also offer a Guaranteed Grade A Scheme for students doing a GCSE in Maths with us. Provided your child completes our requirements including attendance and homework, we are in a position to guarantee that your child will get a Grade A minimum in GCSE Maths. In fact we are so confident about this, we offer a money back guarantee on this.


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