How best to manage your time this Summer

The best ways to tackle the age old problem of Time Management

In the up and coming weeks it becomes exam season and I’m sure you’re all well aware they come around thick and fast. However, with great preparation and commitment you’ll be ready to blitz these exams and reap the rewards with a well-earned break in the summer. From previous experience, the best way to combat the troublesome issue of time management is to set out a schedule, separate completely certain hours of social or leisure activity from that of revision allowing you prepare to the best of your ability.


 The most important thing is to revise thoroughly, this means no distractions, (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will still be there when you’re done!), therefore allowing you to concentrate on learning all you need to know before going into exams.

Separate leisure and work

Don’t allow revision to take up all your time, it’s important to distract yourself from working to allow time to enjoy yourself with other leisure or social activities. Personally, cricket was a great distraction when it came to exams, it not only provided me with the chance to have fun but also to forget completely about exams for those precious few hours, so any activities or even just relaxing with friends or watching the TV can provide great relief from the stresses and strains of revision.


Unfortunately, exam time means compromise, whether that be sacrificing a trip to the cinema with friends for that extra three hours’ revision or missing your favourite TV program in order to go to bed an hour earlier to prepare for the exam. Remember, this is your future we’re talking about!! However, don’t become a recluse, a couple of hours out of a long, busy day could be a welcome distraction and allow your mind the ability to refocus for when you get back to revision.

Don’t leave it until the last minute!

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance (The Five P’s)

Now this may be familiar to those who watch The Apprentice, this is a great motto to think about before preparing for the exams this summer. Ensure you have built that wealth of knowledge weeks before the exam to make sure you go into the exam knowing you’ve done all you can. GOOD LUCK!

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