Key Stage 2 Course

For Key Stage 2 we provide tuition classes for Mathematics and English, these classes take place at our Oadby venue in Beauchamp College on Monday evenings. These classes are aime at students in year 5 or Year 6 who are hoping to achieve a Level 5 or a high Level 4 by the end of the academic year.

Students get regular homework each week and are expected to complete for the next lesson.

Key Stage 2 Maths

We begin the Key Stage 2 Maths course by covering basic topics on number which include fractions, rounding, and place value. Students will then be taught some Shape (Geometry) with topics such as Angle, metric units, scales, translations, and co-ordinates.

In this course we will spend a significant amount of time on revision for the end of Year 6 SATs examinations. In these revision sessions we will go over content which we have already covered but at a faster pace. One of the biggest problems for students is that forget new concepts quickly. By revising topics regularly, these topics will stay on the top of students minds for longer.

As we approach February we begin doing exam papers and exam questions. We have a vast library of over 1000 exam questions for students to practice, we create tailor made exam papers for the students to practice at home for homework. Should students require, we can set additional homework for extra practice.

By the time students come to sit their Key Stage 2 Maths Exam (SATs) in May our students should feel confident and prepared to take this examination. One of the major problems students face with the Key Stage 2 Maths exam is the English used in this is difficult to understand, we spend some time breaking down the language used so students can concentrate on the Maths.

Key Stage 2 English

In our Key Stage 2 English course, each lesson begins with a spelling activity, and a little grammar or comprehension and some reading. The tutor will concentrate on a different aspect of English each week, speaking, writing, presenting, more comprehension/grammar, or debating.

In schools we tend to find that only a couple of students in each class are confident to speak up and ask questions. The students that are shy in school, tend to remain shy until they get to Year 11. We encourage our students to speak up and asking questions when they need to, this builds their self-confidence. It’s always great to get feedback from parents who say that not only has their childs grades improved but their school teachers have commented on their child playing a more active role in the classroom.

As we approach the end of the year we place a larger emphasis on revision and begin to practice with previous exam questions and go through techniques on how to answer these exam questions.

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