Key Stage 3 Course

At Key Stage 3 we run classes for Maths, English and Science. These classes are designed for students who are currently in Year 7,8 or 9.

Key Stage 3 Maths Course

Our Maths course takes place in all three of our Leicester locations (Oadby, Evington, Rushey Mead). All Key Stage 3 Maths lessons are taught by our lead tutor Anish who is a GCSE examiner so he can prepare these students before they begin their GCSEs.


This course runs from September to July over 37 one hour sessions. We cater for students in Year 7 to Year 9 and unlike schools who group students based on age, we base them on ability. So if we have a strong Year 7 student, we will fast track them to the higher ability class, last year one of our Year 7 students just completed their A-levels and achieved a grade A*.


In this course we cover three years’ worth of school learning in 37 one hour sessions. The only way we can ensure students have understood the content being taught is by providing challenging homework for approximately 90 minutes per week. Students must hand in their homework on their next lesson and the homework will then be returned to them the week after.

Key Stage 3 English Course

Our English courses take place in all three of our Leicester locations and are taught by three different English teachers. All our English teachers are fully qualified teachers with QTS and have at least 12 years teaching experience and they include a text book author and an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST).


The course runs from September to July and each lesson will have spelling, comprehension, grammar to start off with. The lesson will then continue for the main part of the lesson which could contain some writing, reading, debate or speaking task. Students will then be set some homework which they need to complete for the following week.


Lessons in Oadby and Rushey mead will take place weekly. Lessons in Evington take place fortnightly.

Key Stage 3 Science Course

Our Science courses take place in all three of our locations in Leicester. One of our teachers is an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) who will go into other schools and teach their teachers how to teach science better.


Lessons in Evington take place fortnightly whereas the Oadby and Rushey Mead classes take place weekly. These lessons will alternate through Biology, Chemistry, and Physics each week.


Lessons usually begin with a recap of the previous lessons content before going through the new content for that lesson. The course runs from September to July where we cover approximately two years’ work of content from Year 7 to Year 9 depending on the students in the class.

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