Recommend a Friend

Direct Tuition run a recommend a friend scheme where people are able to promote our services to others who may find it beneficial. Over the years we have learn’t the best form of advertising is word of mouth, and as a thank you you receive the following reward.

REWARD : 1 FREE lesson for you (up to £19 in value) + 1 FREE lesson for your friend (up to £19 in value) + £15 cash + chance to win Apple Mini iPad

Benefits of Recommend a Friend

  • You / your child receives a free lesson for choosing to recommend a friend (up to £19 in value)
  • Your friend will receive a free lesson too (up to £19 in value)
  • You will receive a £15 reward (if done before September 30th) when your friend starts tuition and has attended four lessons
  • A chance to win an Apple Mini iPad – The student/parent who has made the most recommendations by February 2015 will win an Apple Mini iPad.

How to Recommend a Friend

We would be grateful if you were able to recommend a friend to us, if order to do so please do one of the following

  • You can ask your friend to contact us but they must mention your name before they attend.
  • You can complete the recommend a friend form and we will already know you have recommended them when we  contact them

Terms and Conditions of Recommend a Friend

When you recommend a friend:

  • they must not have attending a class at Direct Tuition in the last 12 months
  • they cannot be a member of your immediate family (eg sibling, son or daughter)
  • if you are recommending more than one student from the same family, this will count as one recommendation and you will receive the reward for one recommendation
  • you will receive one entry towards the prize of an Apple Mini iPad once a student you recommend has attended four lessons
  • the prize of an Apple Mini iPad can be substituted for a similar value Android tablet (if the winner prefers)

Exclusions from Recommend a Friend

You will not receive a reward for:

  • Recommending a member from your immediate family
  • Recommending a person who as attended Direct Tuition in the last 12 months

What if my friend does not wish to continue tuition after their free lesson?

This is perfectly fine, your friend can have their free lesson, and you can still have your free lesson for promoting us.

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