Our intense group sessions enable students to cover more work in one hour of tuition than they may cover in 4 hours of school. This is due to the intensity of our lessons and our small class sizes which engage the students and encourage them to delve deeper into the subject and ask questions. Students who are shy at school feel comfortable in our lessons and are able to ask the tutor questions to build their understanding.


Our lessons are carefully structured to cover the full syllabus within the limited time we see our students. The whole years lessons are planned out in advance and we have planned sufficient revision time so our students feel fully prepared for their exam as we cover exam technique, an area which many school teachers have to ignore due to time constrictions.


Not only will students grades improve over time but their attitude towards learning will improve and they will understand the importance of education. They themselves will start to plan out their time in the evening to ensure they have time to do all of their school work and homework.


Students are set regular homework each week which they are expected to complete for the following week. This homework allows students to practice what they have learnt in class which makes it easier for them to remember what was done in class and aids revision. Some of our homework is written homework like they would be used to in school and some of our homework can be completed online through the online system and students receive immediate feedback on their homework. Parents are able to track their child's progress looking at their child's homework scores


In addition to class tuition we provide online maths tuition, currently we only offer maths for GCSE and A-level but we will be looking to include more subjects and levels soon. Students can attend the live class and ask questions just like they would in a real class. The added benefit of these classes is that students have access to the recordings of these classes to view in their own time to aid revision. We are one of the first companies in the UK to offer such a service.


Our class tuition starts in September and runs through the academic year to July and lessons take place during term time. To get the most out of these classes it is advisable to start in September so your child doesn’t miss out on any content.


We sometimes run intensive revision courses for GCSE and A-Level subjects which take place during school holidays. These sessions try to cover the most content possible in the short time period of one or two days.

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