Online Tuition Services

We are one of the first companies in the UK to offer online maths tuition in the form of a webinar. We currently only offer this service for Mathematics at GCSE and A-Level but are looking to grow this onto other levels and subjects.

This is an online class where students log in from the comfort of their own home using an internet connection on their computer, tablet or mobile phone. Students can be anywhere in the world and still attend our online classes. They can ask the tutor questions whilst the lesson is taking place and the tutor will address them. These are live lessons and take place in real time and students are asked questions during the session to ensure they have understood the content.


We started offering online Maths tuition as on online class because many of our students travel long distances to reach our classes and sometimes our timings are not suitable to their busy schedules. Also our Class tuition tends to reach capacity early on in the academic year, so we can also encourage people to join our online classes when or normal classes are full. With technology these days, some students prefer to attend an online class.


Students who already attend our classes and wish to do the online classes will able able to attend the classes at a further discounted rate.


After completing the online lesson, students will be set an online homework exercise to test their understanding of the lesson. These exercises are automatically marked and students can attempt these as many times as they wish.


Our online students will have access to a members area from which they can download the presentations before the lesson begins so they can follow along easily. After the lesson, a recording of the lesson will be available for students to view at their leisure.

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Core 3 Maths

Core 4 Maths

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