We have prepared a few files that you may find useful

How to help your Key Stage 2 child study

We give you some tips on how to help your child to study, leave you name and email for weekly tips to help your child succeed

Diagnostic Test for Key Stage 3

Identify you child's weak areas in Key Stage 3 Maths by completing this short test. Leave your email for weekly tips on how to improve

Diagnostic Test for GCSE

A short diagnostic test on Maths (Number) to identify any weak areas your child may have. Leave you email on the bottom for weekly exam questions

Diagnostic Test for AS-level

A quick diagnostic test for Core 1 Maths to identify any weak areas. Leave your email to receive weekly exam questions to practice

Revision Tips for A2-Level Students

Some tips you may find useful in preparation for your tests. Leave your email to receive weekly tips and exam practice


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