Revision Tips for KS2 Students

When students are in Key Stage 2, most have no experience of previous examinations so we need to teach them exactly how to revise.

What is revision?

Revision is when you look at work you have already learnt again. We do this because the first time you learn something new you may not remember everything your teacher taught you.

So you read through your notes again to try and understand it better than you did the first time.

How to find a suitable revision space?

How to remember stuff?

Read through your notes for a second time because you may not remember everything your teacher initially taught you.

Things you need to do throughout the day


When revising for Key Stage 2 Maths and English you need to have a minimum of the following equipment:

How much time should you spend revising?

Different people will tell you different things and the times should increase as you get closer to the exam. It is important to understand that revision time is separate from homework time.


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