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Holiday activities


As you all know and I’m sure you’re counting down the days, once the exams are out the way you have six weeks off school and the freedom to relax and enjoy yourselves without worrying about work or school the next morning.


But for those of you who go back to school once the holidays are over it is important to keep busy in the holidays with just a few things to keep the mind active and ensure you have the best preparation for going back to school.


  • Playing board games is not only a great way of keeping your mind busy but is also a great way to relax and have fun. As well as this, keeping the competitive edge allows your brain to focus for longer periods and these skills could come in handy when it comes to tests and exams when you get back to school.
  • Another good option to learn a musical instrument, the concentration and focus needed to learn a new skill can be a major factor is helping you improve not only your character, concentration but also your CV, with outside skills showing a more rounded individual.
  • For those of you who are interested in Sport, the Euro 2016 football tournament can help you keep busy, watching all the great players play on a world stage and enjoy the pressure that is heaped upon them could be inspirational. Not only that, the inevitable permutations of who can qualify with what points and goal difference could test your maths and keep your brain active leading into the run up to going back to school.
  • In terms of pressure, how can we forget about the greatest spectacle of them all, The Rio 2016 Olympics. The hard work and dedication that the athletes put in for four years leading up to the Olympics could be a real inspiration to many of you as well as the ability to thrive under pressure and produce moments of greatness when the world is watching. Now I’m not saying preparations for your exams will be anything like that, but many of you will have important exams coming up in the next few years so take note, look how national stars deal with the pressure but also how much they trust their ability and the hard work they put in. This is something you can definitely take out, when you work hard for your exams, be confident that you will be rewarded knowing that you have done absolutely everything you can to get great grades.


Anyway I digress slightly, the aim of this blog post is to try and offer you few options that you could undertake in the summer before going back to school. I want you to have the very best preparation for heading back to school and before tuition continues again, leaving you one step in front of your fellow school pupils when it comes to starting a new year afresh. For many of you, you have important years coming up, year 11's for example, who will want to hit the ground running and carry on with the GCSE build up.


However, one of the most important things is to enjoy the summer break and have a well-earned rest.  Enjoy the break and come back refreshed and ready to rock it next year!



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