Over the last 10 years, we have taught over 600 students, here is what some of them have to say

The Science was helpful and fun lessons which reinforced and extended my knowledge of the subject.

Adil - GCSE - Student

My son’s results have improved and he shows huge confidence in maths.

Rina Patel - Parent

I think that Direct Tuition has helped me, when I put my hand up they straight away come and help us.

Sheela Karavadra - KS3 - Maths - English

Anish helped me by going through what I didn’t know over and over again until I finally understood it. Direct Tuition has helped me by knowing how to be prepared before an exam by not putting everything in last minute. I enjoyed the challenges that some pupils in my class helped me to achieve.

Kesha - GCSE - Maths

Direct Tuition has boosted confidence in learning Mathematics and my child enjoys studying the subject.

Reshma Tanna - Parent

Direct Tuition has been a fantastic help to my son in Maths and English. He has improved tremendously in both and has helped him be confident in Maths. My son actually looks forward to attending. The support and help we received from Anish was exceptional. Thank you so much!

Kala Parekh - Parent

I mainly joined science as I had a desire to do a future career in a Science based employment. I began the tuition quite weak and unable to grasp the scientific concept and language in questions. Luckily the focused tutor organised the lessons so I was assured that my weaknesses will be strengthen. The focus of one topic a lesson made me more confident in a particular topic as the tutors tried to teach it to the extent that it felt like second nature! I began with C grades in Science but ended the tuition with two As and one A* in Chemistry (which was the only A* in my entire school in Chemistry) All because of the help and guidance of the tutors.

Saajan Radia - GCSE - Science

Anjlee has helped improve my English and grades; it has made a big improvement on my knowledge and English skills. I feel attending Direct Tuition has covered a larger quantity of work and I have covered a greater variety, than at school. I have gained the knowledge to tackle tests a lot more confidently.

Tarishna Patel - KS3 - English

Without the additional help of Anish Patel I would not have achieved the grade I did in maths.

Adil - GCSE - Maths

Both my girls have progressed in their weak subject (Maths) reaching class 7 and 8 and feeling more confident and happy at school as now they are top of the class and are not struggling at bottom.

Geeta Bhalla - Parent

I have two boys who have attended Direct Tuition – Maths for the past two years. They both enjoy attending and have achieved good results in school assessments. Importantly I have perceived in them both – confidence, when doing maths related work and assessments, which was lacking before. They will both continue at Direct Tuition and my daughter will be starting in the new academic year.

R. Mahmood – Parent

My Maths tutor is very helpful, every lesson he makes sure that his students understand that particular subject. My Maths has improved significantly since I’ve been with him.

Mohammad Meerun - GCSE - Maths

My child was achieving below expectations in their school but after attending Direct Tuition she is achieving good grades academically.

Jaya Karavadra - Parent

My Science tutor is very helpful, every lesson was clear on that particular area. The Homework and notes were useful. My Science has improved.

Mohammad Meerun - GCSE - Science

Direct Tuition has helped me excel in all my subjects and has also helped me revise and be self-disciplined by the homework set. Produced new methods of learning that are effective and made me academically able.

Keval - GCSE - Maths - English - Science

I have attended Direct Tuition for the past two years, my levels have improved significantly and although Maths is not my favourite topic – I look forward to my Direct Tuition Lessons.

Omar Junaid - KS3 - Maths

Anish is a really good teacher who is very knowledgeable and explains the lessons well. He makes the work challenging but to fit everyone’s needs. Anish doesn’t make it too easy. It is worthwhile.

Samia Osman - KS3 - Maths

I like Direct Tuition because the lessons are interesting and the class sizes are small.

Aaron Patel - Student

Direct Tuition has helped me to get a better understanding in AS Maths. I feel that the pace and the way in which we’re taught in the lesson really helps and the small class size also helps because we get a lot of attention and I feel comfortable asking questions. There were also revision lessons on a weekly basis which were also very useful if you’d missed anything in lessons. These were also well organized with regular “reminder” e-mails to ensure you don’t forget. The length of the class is also good; not so long that you lose focus and attention, but long enough to cover a chapter of work in the allotted time.

Aleesha Patel

I have been attending Anish’s Tuition for a period of ten months, and I have noticed a drastic improvement. I am now more confident in a subject that was my weakest. I have made amazing progress this year, and can only put it down to Direct Tuition.

Tarishna Patel - KS3 - Maths

The course was excellent and I have benefited from it. The tutor is very knowledgeable and could teach at any level or standard.

Qasim - KS3 - Maths

Jay has helped improve my grades drastically; they have gone from a level 4 to a level 6 in less than a year. I have also gained more confidence to ask questions.

Tarishna Patel - KS3 - Science

Attending lessons at Direct Tuition has increased my confidence in Maths and I now enjoy and understand the subject a lot more.

Sonam Tanna - GCSE - Maths

My Science tutor is well prepared. He explains Subjects that were not to keen on and gives us a variety of subjects to learn.

Hanaa Meerun - KS3 - Science

Anjlee made my descriptive and story writing improve a lot, by expanding my vocabulary and also helping me with my Shakespeare ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ work. Radha helped me to tell the difference on which piece of writing was which, on what techniques to use.

Kesha - GCSE - English

Direct Tuition is a really good tuition company. The teachers explain everything well and they are always happy to help.

Bilal Osman - KS2 - Maths

Very enthusiastic and positive teaching, which included a range of different teaching techniques helping to make the topic more interesting and understandable, like paper layouts and lectures on particular topics. The idea of homework at the end of every lesson was very helpful, as it hammered the motion of the topic I was doing. Both making me confident and prepared for my exams. I can proudly say that if I did not join the tuition, I would not have reached my full potential, which as A*.

Saajan Radia - GCSE - Student

My English teacher gives Average Homework. She was very organised and explains the work.

Hanaa Meerun - KS3 - English

Direct Tuition has helped me as in maths before I was getting level 5’s and 6’s but now I have been getting level 7’s.

Shalini Bhalla - KS3 - Maths

I began the tuition being very weak at English, with my grades at that time being around Ds. However, after only attending handful of lessons my English began to improve. The teacher wisely planned the lessons, so when I reached closer to the exams I had covered all the topics and essential language needed for the exam. The concept of group and private discussion made me more confident at expressing my ideas. Thus more confident at writing my answers. Overall the teachers were well organised and helpful, making me more confident and prepared for my exams.

Saajan Radia - GCSE - English

The tutor has helped me in Maths as I am more confident at school and I am getting higher levels.

Shalini Bhalla - Student

Attending Direct Tuition helped improve my Maths skills. Revise things I had already learnt and learn new things.

Mohsin Osman - KS3 - Maths

The English lessons have given me more confidence in English. Also my grades have gone miles better.

Pooja Patel - KS2 - English

I have attended Direct Tuition: key stage 3 Maths for the past two years and I have enjoyed the lessons. My levels have improved and I have scored some of the highest marks in my school assessments – Year 8.

Hamzah Junaid - KS3 - Maths

Anish was really helpful to me and gave me a lot of persuasion to do well in my exams. He’d always go over if you don’t get it, or find it difficult, and make sure you understood everything before the lesson was over.

Roshni Tailor - GCSE - Maths

My Maths tutor is very helpful, he makes sure that you understand that particular subject. My Maths has so far been improved.

Hanaa Meerun - KS3 - Maths

This institution has helped me to achieve a level over my expected end of year level. Anish has taught all those topics to me in 3 months that I had learnt in a whole year.

Qasim - Student

Since my kids have had tuition with you they have come to love Maths. I just wish there were more teachers like you Anish. You really bring out the best in your students. Thank you so much!

S. Dandikar Patel - Parent

Anish is a great mathematician so his teaching methods were very good. He showed a number of ways to tackle questions & this allowed individuals to identify their ideal methods.

Nazeefah - AS Level - Maths

My children have been attending Direct Tuition for many years. As a result they find their school work very easy to understand and hence excel at school. I would highly recommend Direct Tuition. The teachers are excellent and always happy to help and advice. Excellent value!

Fazila Osman - Evington/Oadby – Parent

My english really has improved since I started D.T. The tutor really explained well and I understood better with tuition help. I would definitely recommend D.T to everyone, it has given me fab confidence in english too.

Shiv Parekh - Student

Direct Tuition covered all the topics for my lessons. So I had a better understanding when I came across the topics in college. The tuition I had gave me practice so it really helped.

Nazeefah - Student

Both of my children have attended DT for over last 5 years and as a result of the excellent tuition received, they have achieved excellent results at end of each year up to A-level standard. I feel this support has exceeded their grades above many other students that have even attended private school education. I can’t thank Anish & his team enough for all the support & dedication in continuing to provide such an excellent service.

Vina. P - Parent

Direct Tuition is a great company, attending Direct Tuition has been a great help. I particularly like the lessons as they are very beneficial and useful for exam sittings.

Mohammad Meerun - Student

Omar has enjoyed attending Direct Tuition – Maths, and although he has found some areas challenging. He has persevered. He achieved good results for his end of year assessment – ‘much to his surprise’.

R. Mahmood Parent

By attending Direct Tuition, I have become more confident with different areas of maths. It has given me extra help with maths.

Sawan Tanna - KS3 - Maths

Good, Efficient, easy to contact if I had any problems or worries on any sort of questions. Very well taught and easy to understand. Wasn’t afraid to ask if I didn’t understand anything. Learnt from other people’s mistakes and also not just if you got something wrong but which step did I do wrong to get the answer wrong. Very engaging lessons and good amount of homework set.

Kesha - KS3 - Maths

Direct Tuition set relevant homework which challenged me to use a lot more of my mathematical skill than school required

Vaz Mohankumar - A2 Level - Maths (Grade A)

Kesha I would definitely recommend Direct Tuition as I think it’s helped me a lot and made me a lot more prepared for the exam. It’s a very organised course and much better than any of my previous tutoring experiences.

Kesha - Student

My English tutor is very helpful, every lesson is taught with a quality and very useful explanations. My English has improved a lot.

Mohammad Meerun - GCSE - English

Attending Direct Tuition has been a massive to me in both maths and english. I feel a lot more confident at school, also when doing tests, I feel I have good practice too. It has been a great confidence boost for me. The tutors helped me understand things better. I would highly recommend Direct Tuition to all my friends.

Shiv Parekh - Student

By attending Direct Tuition, my level in Maths has improved and I also enjoy learning the subject. What I like best about Direct Tuition is that Anish teaches us topics in much more depth than what we learn at school.

Sajan Tanna - KS3 - Maths

Anish is an excellent teacher. His communication skills with the children are very good and the children always comment on how he can make a difficult topic easy to understand. We would not ever think about using any other tuition company.

Fazila Osman - KS2 - Maths

Very well taught. Both teachers very easy to talk to and good explanations. Good lesson starters (spellings or sentence structure.) Always learn a few new words every lesson, not afraid to ask if don’t know the answer to something. Learn how to write formally /informally in all the different styles of writing.

Kesha - KS3 - English

I think that Anish is a great tutor who is really passionate about Maths, and this is clear when you’ve sat in his lessons. He makes the lessons really enjoyable and relaxed, but you do get a lot of work done in the lesson time. He also sets a good amount of homework and also sets extra, more challenging work when it comes around to revision. e.g.: Solomon papers.

Aleesha Patel – AS-Level - Maths

Really enjoyed attending Direct Tuition. It has helped me understand maths and gain confidence. Anish has been amazing help to me throughout the year and especially with SATs.

Shiv Parekh - Student

I only had Anish as a tutor for 2 years, those being my A level years and found he was an excellent tutor who offered good support as well as instilling discipline

(A2-Level Maths Grade B) 2011-13

Anish has been a great support in achieving my A* grade at gcse maths, he has encouraged me throughout the years to reach my full potential and I would definitely recommend him to other students.

(GCSE Student Grade A*) 2006-2013

Anjlee helped with all my weak points. E.g. Shakespeare. She improved my English and helped lots when my exams were going to start. She made sure I understood everything before the lesson was over.

Roshni Tailor - GCSE - English

My child attended this institution, and he benefited from its resources, as can be seen in his end of year level

G.J - Parent

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