How did we Begin

Direct Tuition began back in 2004 where our founder, Anish Patel was still at University. He was revising with his peers for their upcoming Maths exams when after explaining a concept his friend said to him, “that’s the best explanation I’ve ever had of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, you should become a lecturer.”


Anish knew he wouldn’t enjoy lecturing but teaching did appeal to him, that summer he did some research and decided to offer A-Level Maths tuition in the new academic year. He would come back from The University of Birmingham each weekend to teach 3 A-Level students by hiring a classroom at the local community centre. Sometimes students would cancel at the last minute after he had travelled back from Birmingham to teach them and he would get quite frustrated. Despite this he continued to do this for the whole year and these three students did extremely well.


Anish had also graduated this year (2005) and needed to decide what to do next. His friends were a little shocked when he decided to become a school teacher in an inner city Birmingham School.


The following year 2005, these students continued and told their friends, Direct Tuition had now grown to 10 students. As students achieved results beyond their expectations, they would tell more people.


In 2008, Anish left school and began working on the business full time. Now, Direct Tuition has grown to over 200 students covering three locations in Leicester (Oadby, Evington and Rushey Mead).


They have 10 tutors who teach English, Maths or Science for levels from Key Stage 2 to A-Levels. Some of their tutors are Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs), GCSE Examiners, and Authors.


Direct Tuition also work with local schools in Leicester to help improve GCSE grades by providing intensive revision classes during school holidays.


Direct Tuition started with 3 students


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Anish left teaching to do Tuition full time


Direct Tuition turns 10


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