How it Works?

We have outlined the main steps involved

Since a majority of our students come through on word of mouth, the first step is when their friends mention us to them. Usually they will have some questions to ask their friends about our services.


Parents will next visit our website and do their own research by looking at the classes we offer, our timetable, our location and prices. Parents will usually have answers to most of their questions at this point but they will still want to speak to us. You are welcome to give us a call on 0116 273 7515 or you can request a call back and we will contact you.


On the phone call, we give you all the information you could need as we will first ask for the age of your child so we can give you only relevant information tailored to your child. Of course parents usually have questions to ask which we will answer on the phone call.


Next, we will invite your child in for a free trail lesson and assessment. You child will attend an actual Direct Tuition lesson in the subject of your choice. During the lesson the tutor will assess your childs ability. At the end of the lesson, the tutor will have a good idea of your childs ability and your child will have a good idea as to whether the class was right for them. Now we encourage you to speak to your child in private to find out how they got on.


A few days later, after we have spoken to your childs tutor, we will call you. The purpose of the call is to firstly find out how your child got on in the lesson, and secondly give our tutors feedback of your child to you.


At this point if both parties are happy to continue with lessons, you child can begin tuition from the next week as normal.


Our fees are to be paid at the first lesson of the month, for that month. Payments can be made by either cheque or cash

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