Learning Contract 2018/19

  1. Students should arrive to lesson promptly as the beginning of a lesson serves as a foundation to the rest of the lesson. Students missing the initial ten minutes of a lesson may find it difficult to cope with the work covered in the remainder of the lesson.
  2. Students receive homework each week and are expected to hand it in the following week. The results of homework are tracked and are used to plan for future teaching. Homework should be completed soon after (within 48 hours) the lesson to ensure the work is still fresh in their minds. Failure to complete homework to a satisfying standard will significantly reduce the amount of progress your child makes.
  3. Equipment – Students should bring with them the following equipment to classes: at least 2 writing pens (blue or black), red pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, sharpener, highlighter, a calculator (for Maths and Science lessons), and an exercise book or paper to write notes on. Please try to ensure your child is equipped with this equipment.
  4. Parents wishing for their children to be excused from the homework are required to inform us in writing.
  5. Students and/or parents will receive an email each month with a link to the latest newsletter and are required to read it to ensure they know about everything that is going on.
  6. Students are to behave appropriately without the use of abusive language in or around the classroom.
  7. Students may not bring in or eat hot food in the classroom.
  8. Students are to listen in class while the tutor is teaching.
  9. Some classes may be recorded, the video will focus solely on the teacher and a distinct part of the whiteboard and not the children. Students will not be recorded in the video. 
  10. Tuition fees are due on a monthly basis and is payable on the first lesson of the month, for the whole month. (Please note that some months may have five lessons instead of four).
  11. Payments should be made by cheque or cash on the first lesson of the month.
  12. Students wishing to pay on a weekly basis can do so for a surcharge of £2 per lesson.
  13. Students regularly making late payments will incur a surcharge of £3 per lesson.
  14. Students that are unable to attend a lesson are required to provide at least 7 days notice either by email anish@direct-tuition.co.uk or informing the tutor in person (who will then complete and absence form which you need to retain). The refunded fees will be transferred on to the following month.
  15. You can also inform us of absences by phone on 0116 2737 515. If there is no answer a voicemail must be left (no text messages please).
  16. Students giving less than 7 days notice of absence but more than 48 hours will be refunded 50% of their fees.
  17. Students giving less than 48 hours notice of absence will not receive a refund in fees.
  19. This contract is valid until July 31st 2019.

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