GCSE Maths Tuition

GCSE Maths Tuition

Prices - £15 per 60 minute session.


  • Oadby – LE2 5TP
  • Evington- LE5 5AL
  • Rushey Mead- LE4 7GX


Dates and Times

Oadby, Monday, 17.00-1800, Maths - Year 10 - FULL

Oadby, Monday, 18.00-1900, Maths - Year 11 - 4 spaces

Evington, Saturday, 12.00-13.00, Maths - Year 11 - 3 spaces

Evington, Saturday, 14.00-15.00, Maths - Year 10 - 3 spaces

Rushey Mead, Wednesday, 17.00-18.00, Maths - Year 10 - 4 spaces

Rushey Mead, Wednesday, 17.00-18.00, Maths - Year 11 - 2 spaces


Who is the tutor?


Having started teaching in 2004, Anish has since founded Direct Tuition and has taught over 1500 GCSE students. Anish is also a fully qualified examiner on the exam boards and has eleven years-experience of marking GCSE exam papers as an expert examiner. Anish is motivated to achieve his life goal of positively affecting the lives of 100,000 students and continues to do so with help of his dedicated YouTube page, set up to help students with free video tutorials.


YouTube Channel


Group sessions


To ensure the students have the very best environment in which to learn and study limit our classes to eight students per class, usually they have 4 or 5.  This allows each student to be able to ask questions and gain the full attention of the tutor allowing the student to gain a better understanding. 


Who are the Classes aimed at?

We specialise in the Higher GCSE, more specifically for students aiming for Grades 7-9. Our lessons are aimed at students who would class themselves at "Average" or "Above Average" at the start of the year. The classes are fast paced as we cover about 5 hours of school Maths lessons in one hour.

Unfortunately, we do not teach the foundation syllabus, so please find out from your child if there are studying the higher or the foundation syllabus.




Homework will be given out after the sessions to ensure the students have fully got to grips with the topics covered in the lesson, it is expected that the homework will be completed and handed in the following week, with the marked work being hand handed back a week later. Not only does the homework allow the students a chance ensure they have mastered each topic, it also allows us to keep a table of results so we can give feedback throughout the year on either strong or weak areas.




Each student will have to bring a workbook, pen and pencil to the sessions to ensure they can do the exercises and take noted where necessary. Any other equipment required will be specified by the tutor the week before so the students have the right equipment for the following weeks session.

Students will be required to purchase a GCSE Maths textbook. Students will be set homework from this textbook each week. Most schools in Leicester study the AQA course so they may already be using this book in school. Please use the link below to see the book on Amazon.


AQA GCSE Maths Textbook


Intensive Revision Courses


As the time of exams starts to loom, we offer an intensive revision course, consisting of a whole day in which we go through the whole syllabus for revision, as well as past papers and solve any problems regarding the exam the students may have. The sessions are run at a fast pace to ensure all topics are covered time is spent on going through how best to answer the questions in the exam papers to get the very best marks.



Daily Exam Papers


The daily exam papers are made available a few months before the exam season. This allows students to get into the right habits when taking a Maths paper and restores an exam frame of mind. Students receive not only the exam papers, but also the mark scheme and examiners report so as to ensure they know the correct answers and how examiners mark the questions, useful when looking for those extra few marks for working out. This is for the 60 days before the GCSE exam.




"Anish has been a great support in achieving my A* grade at GCSE Maths, he has encouraged me throughout the years to reach my full potential and I would definitely recommend him to other students." 

(GCSE Student Grade A*) 2006-2013


"Without the additional help of Anish Patel I would not have achieved the grade I did in maths."

Adil - GCSE - Maths


"My Maths tutor is very helpful, every lesson he makes sure that his students understand that particular subject. My Maths has improved significantly since I’ve been with him."

Mohammad Meerun - GCSE - Maths


"Direct Tuition has helped me excel in all my subjects and has also helped me revise and be self-disciplined by the homework set. Produced new methods of learning that are effective and made me academically able."

Keval - GCSE - Maths - English - Science


"Anish helped me by going through what I didn’t know over and over again until I finally understood it. Direct Tuition has helped me by knowing how to be prepared before an exam by not putting everything in last minute. I enjoyed the challenges that some pupils in my class helped me to achieve." 

Kesha - GCSE - Maths

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