£14 per 60 minute session or

£25 for Maths and English (two 60 minute sessions)



Oadby- LE2 5TP


Dates and Times

Oadby- Monday- 18.00-19.00- Maths

Oadby- Monday- 19.00-20.00- English


Who is the tutor?

With 12 years of experience in teaching Mathematics, Anish has taught over 150 KS2 students and specialises in all areas of Mathematics. Anish founded Direct Tuition in 2004 with the hope of positively affecting the lives of 100,000 students and is well on the way having combined his teaching classes with a dedicated YouTube page featuring free video tutorials on past papers and tough topics. Anish is also a fully qualified examiner and boasts nine years of experience in marking  Mathematics papers.


YouTube Channel



“I Really enjoyed attending Direct Tuition. It has helped me gain confidence and understand maths and it has also given me confidence in English. My English really has improved since I started at Direct Tuition, the tutor really explained well and I understood better with tuition help. Anish has been an amazing help to me throughout the year and especially with SATs.  I would definitely recommend Direct Tuition to everyone. ”

Shiv Parekh - Student


“Direct Tuition has been a fantastic help to my son in Maths and English. He has improved tremendously in both and has helped him be confident in Maths. My son actually looks forward to attending. The support and help we received from Anish was exceptional. Thank you so much!”

Kala Parekh - Parent


“The English lessons have given me more confidence in English. Also my grades have gone miles better.”

Pooja Patel - KS2 - English


“Anish is an excellent teacher. His communication skills with the children are very good and the children always comment on how he can make a difficult topic easy to understand. We would not ever think about using any other tuition company.”  

Fazila Osman - KS2 - Maths


“Direct Tuition is a really good tuition company. The teachers explain everything well and they are always happy to help.”  

Bilal Osman - KS2 - Maths


Maths course information

The Key Stage 2 Maths course starts of by covering the basic topics in the Number section, from fraction and rounding to place value. In addition, we will cover Shape (Geometry) which includes Angles, Metric units, scales, translations and co-ordinates. Furthermore, a large majority of the time will be spent focusing on revision for the end of year 6 SATS examinations. The revision classes involve going over content already learnt but at a faster pace to help students revise all the required topics and ensuring nothing is forgotten from when the content was covered earlier in the year.


As we approach February we start to practice exam papers and exam questions, we have a large library of past papers and questions to choose from and we tailor each exam paper for the students so as to align with the topics covered in the classes. Extra homework is also available should the students desire. As students can struggle with the English used in the Maths papers, we help to break down the language used and help students concentrate on the Maths behind it allowing the students to feel both comfortable and prepared for when the exams come around in May.


 English course information

The Key Stage 2 English course focuses on a different aspect of English each week, ranging from speaking, writing and presenting to debating and grammar/comprehension. Each individual lesson starts with a spelling activity and a comprehension based around a little reading. We tend to find in schools the majority of students are unwilling to read aloud or answer questions, therefore we actively encourage our students to be more vocal and voice their opinions in our classes. This helps to build self-confidence and may previous students have remarked about how much more confident they are in terms of being more vocal in the classroom, positively affecting their grades at school. As the end of the school year gathers closer, we start to focus on past papers and previous exam questions which will best suit the students in terms of their revision for the end of year SATS exam.


Group sessions

The lessons will work to a fast pace to ensure the content covered is relevant and required, however, there is plenty of opportunities for the students to ask questions an clear up any issues they may have with the work. This is due to the fact Direct Tuition try to keep classes to a maximum of eight students per class, to allow the easiest learning environment for the students, allowing them to achieve greater results. 



Homework will be given at the end of every session simply to make sure that the students have understood the work that we have gone through. Furthermore, it best allows us to gauge an understanding as to where the students are at, and so allows us to highlight any strong or weak areas for improvement.



Students should bring with them a workbook, pen and pencil. This gives the children the best possible chance to write down any notes and complete any questions that are set throughout the lesson, this can help to affirm their knowledge and also is always there for when revisiting during exam time.


 Maths course outline:

Lesson 1 – Fractions

Lesson 2 – Place Value –

Lesson 3 – Calculating Angles

Lesson 4 – Metric Units

Lesson 5 – Percentages and Value for Money

Lesson 6 – Scales and Rounding

Lesson 7 – Translations

Lesson 8 – Co-ordinates

Lesson 9 – Area and Perimeter

Lesson 10 – Time and Quadrilaterals

Lesson 11 – Measuring and Drawing Angles

Lesson 12 – Averages

Lesson 13 – Number Revision 1

Lesson 14 – Transformations

Lesson 15 – Basic Arithmetic

Lesson 16 – Handling Data L4 Revision

Lesson 17 – Measures L4 Revision

Lesson 18 – Shape L4 Revision

Lesson 19 – Integers

Lesson 20 – Sequences

Lesson 21 – Number Revision 2

Lesson 22 – Basic Algebra

Lesson 23 – Number L4 Revision

Lesson 24 – Handling Data L5 Revision

Lesson 25 – Measures L5 Revision

Lesson 26 – Shape L5 Revision

Lesson 27 – Number L5 Revision

Lesson 28 – Ultimate SATs Revision 1

Lesson 29 – Ultimate SATs Revision 2

Lesson 30 – Ultimate SATs Revision 3


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