15 minute demonstration session

We are one of the first companies in the UK to offer online maths tuition in the form of a webinar. 

This is an online class where students log in from the comfort of their own home using an internet connection on their computer, tablet or mobile phone. Students can be anywhere in the world and still attend our online classes. They can ask the tutor questions whilst the lesson is taking place and the tutor will address them. These are live lessons and take place in real time and students are asked questions during the session to ensure they have fully understood the content.


Our online students will have access to a members area from which they can download the presentations before the lesson begins so they can follow along easily. After the lesson, a recording of the lesson will be available for students to view at their leisure.


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The session above takes place on Friday 17th April 6pm and lasts approximately 15 minutes


Online webinar tuition is something we have been providing for students since 2013. Initially the main reason for doing the online classes was that it was very difficult to find time to teach subjects such as A-Level Mechanics, A-Lever Statistics, GCSE Statistics and GCSE Further Maths. The students found these sessions useful especially because they could access the recordings afterwards on our membership portal.


We have also run a few classes over the school summer holidays just to ensure that students retain some of the knowledge they already have and to prevent Summer Learning Loss. Students lose knowledge over the 6 week summer holiday:


  1. Students lose up to one month of school learning over the summer break
  2. These losses are greater in Maths than other subjects
  3. The losses are greater for students in higher years such as GCSE and A-Level

By continuing some form of study during the summer holidays, these losses can be greatly reduced.


During this time of uncertainty, we don’t know exactly how long schools will remain closed. We could be closed until September, which would be almost 6 months.


We are looking to do online classes a couple of times per week, and we would run these until schools reopen. These are the classes that we will begin with:


  • Key Stage 3 – Aimed at students who will be in Year 7, Year 8 or Year 9 in September 2020. The course will begin with concepts from Year 7 initially, then move on to Year 8 and then finally Year 9. These sessions are 60 minutes each.


  • GCSE – Aimed at students who will start Year 10 or Year 11 in September 2020. In this course we will cover the whole Two Year GCSE course. We will be covering the higher tier so this is aimed at students who are aiming to achieve a Grade 6 to Grade 9 at the end of Year 11. These sessions are 60 minutes each.


  • A-Level – Aimed at students who will be in Year 12 or Year 13 in September 2020. We aim to cover the whole two-year A-Level course. We will begin with work from Year 1 and then go on to Year 2 work, and we will also spend some time answering A-Level Questions toward the end of the course. We will be covering Statistics and Mechanics throughout the course. Each session will last 90 minutes.


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