Prices - £15 per 60 minute session.


  • Oadby – LE2 5TP
  • Evington- LE5 5AL
  • Rushey Mead- LE4 7GX

Dates and Times

Evington, Saturday, 12.00-13.00, Maths

Rushey Mead, Wednesday, 17.00-18.00, Maths

Rushey Mead, Wednesday, 18.00-19.00, Science

Oadby, Monday, 17.00-18.00, Maths

Oadby, Monday, 18.00-19.00, Science

Oadby, Monday, 19.00-20.00, English

Who is the tutor?

Anish founded Direct Tuition in 2004 and boasts 12 years of experience in teaching. Specialising in GCSE Maths, Anish has taught well over 1500 GCSE students and aims to reach out to many more using his Mathinar YouTube page, consisting of free video tutorials as a guide to helping students. Anish life goal is to positively affect the lives of 100,000 students and Anish is motivated to do so. As well as teaching Mathematics, Anish has nine years of experience in Marking Papers, with Anish being a fully qualified examiner for the exam boards.

Maths course information 

The Maths course is split up into a year 10 and 11 course. Both courses focus on exam preparation and past papers towards the end of the course culminating with the GCSE exam itself. The year 10 course consists of 30 one-hour lessons which would be the equivalent of two years of school work.  90% of our students have achieved an A or A* when taking this course. There is also a class for higher Maths, these are the students who are guaranteed an A or A*, the course consists of normal classes as well as online classes with extra homework to maintain the high standards. In addition, a Further Maths course is available for year 10 students, the course is run as 12 one hour online classes and is designed to help prepare for GCSE Maths. GCSE Additional Maths (FSMQ- Free Standing Maths Qualification) is also available, although rare in schools, we offer a course based on 15 one hour online sessions, the course is tough but provides great preparation for those students who are keen to study AS level Maths.

English course information

The English course is split for year 10 and 11 students, concentrating mainly on the English language part of the course with a little Literature mixed in, the literature would mainly be poetry. The sessions consist of a little spelling and grammar before focusing on what the students are covering in school, ranging from creative writing and debating to poetry and media. This allows us to work in line with the schools teaching but provide the necessary support for the students.

Science course information

The Science classes cover the OCR 21st century course and the AQA science course. The location is Oadby for the OCR course so as to align with the content taught at Beauchamp college whilst the AQA course is taught at Rushey Mead. The year 10 course will focus on the year 10 content covered in schools so the students aren’t learning too many different topics at the same time. 

Group sessions

The sessions usually contain around four or five students so as to allow the students the best possible environment in which to learn. The maximum number of students per class is limited to eight but so as to ensure all students gets the tutors attention classes are spread evenly into small groups of four or five.


The students will be given homework to be completed for the following week. The homework will be on the content studied in the lesson and allows the students to ensure they have understood everything that has been covered. The work will be marked and handed back the following week, in addition, results are logged in order to provide a report around exam times to highlight weak and strong areas.


Students are required to bring a workbook, pen and pencil so they can make notes throughout the session, helping them to complete the homework that will be handed out. The tutor will give notice to the students if they are required to bring any other equipment such as calculators or protractors.

Recorded classes

Recorded classes are available to the Year 10 students, they offer a chance for students to watch the classes back over and understand any topics which they may be struggling with.

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